Moonstone is the traditional secondary birthstone of June, pearl being the primary one. It is also the zodiac birthstone of people born under the sign of Cancer. It is an accepted gemstone for the 13th wedding anniversary.

Formation and Occurrence

Moonstone is combination of two feldspar species: albite and orthoclase. Initially these two minerals are fused together but as they cool off they divide into two separate stacks of alternate layers.

These layers are the main reason behind the lustrous appearance of this precious stone. They are usually found in mineral forms in metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Deposits of this mineral are found in United States, Mexico, Burma, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Norway, Australia, India and Poland.

Historical Significance

In medieval times moonstone was considered a special stone for lovers. It was believed that it can unite lovers and this is one of the reasons why moonstone jewelry was a traditional wedding gift in India. This stone was immensely popular in European countries too, especially in the Art Nouveau period. French goldsmith Rene Lalique’s moonstone jewelry was, and still is extremely popular in that regard.

Similarly, Romans and Greeks associated it with their lunar gods and valued it immensely. Prehistoric mariners used to call it the ‘traveler’s stone’ and believed that it would protect them against the dangers of the sea.

In 1906 the Grand Duke of Hesse presented his wife, Princess Eleanor with a diamond tiara engraved with turquoise gemstones and moonstones as a symbol of eternal love and beauty. Chief Mistress of Louis IV, Madame de Pompadour was also fond of this gorgeous stone and had a moonstone ring encircled with diamonds.

The designers of the Flower Child movement of the 1960s and the New Age movement of the 1990s took inspiration from the beauty of moonstones and designed unique jewelry and dresses to compliment the wearer.

The Vedic legend states that a battle was fought between the demon god, Bali and Lord Vishnu in which Bali was defeated by Vishnu. His body was shattered into several pieces and fell on earth as various versatile colored jewels. It is believed that moonstones emerged from Bali’s eyes. The Roman myths state that moonstones are engraved with the image of the moon goddess, Diana who can grant wealth, wisdom and love.

This precious gemstone is attributed to the Welsh goddess of knowledge and inspiration, Cerridwen, who has the power of death, rebirth, magic and prophecies. In addition to that, the Greek goddess of night, Nyx, the Greek moon goddess, Selene, and the Sioux moon goddess, Hanwi are also associated with moonstone.

Moonstone Types

In addition to the traditional milky white color, moonstone appears in several other colors as well. Here’s a brief overview of its various types.

Yellow or Peach Moonstone – This particular stone is associated with the functions of the heart and promotes love and compassion in worldly affairs as well as in divine matters. Moreover, it can help its wearer in dealing with stress and anxiety, and provides emotional support to sensitive and intuitive children.

Cat Eye or Blue Moonstone – The eminent blue hue of this stone symbolizes the balance between the yin and yang energies. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it enhances intuitive abilities, encourages clarity of mind, and offers an insight into the alternative state of awareness.

White Moonstone – White moonstone is the prettiest and the most powerful of all moonstones it has the power to stimulate kundalani energy in women and it helps men in achieving emotional stability. In addition, it is believed that white moonstone can enhance psychic powers and help them in dreaming big.

Gray Moonstone – Gray moonstone, also known as the ‘New Moon stone,’ conceals the mysteries of the universe. It is commonly used by shamans, mystics and telepaths to gain access into the hidden areas of the universe.

Rainbow Moonstone – This prism-like stone is very helpful in treating emotional problems. People suffering from past traumas should carry or wear this stone to achieve mental clarity and emotional freedom. It can also cure insomnia and make your dreams lucid.

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