Investing In Fancy Colored Diamonds

color diamond ring

Colorless or white diamonds are usually preferred for wedding and engagement rings. They are more or less commoditized. Natural colored diamonds are increasingly gaining the attention of savvy investors.

Fancy Colored Diamonds have a wide spectrum of grades and colors. The rarest colors that are found are pink, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, grey, and black. Variations among yellow and brown give way to exotic colors such as chocolate, champagne, and cognac le viagra naturel.

Each stone is unique in the tone, hue, and saturation of its color. Conventionally, diamond cutting has been done with a focus on the stone’s fire and brilliance. Whereas, the cutting of natural fancy colored diamonds is done to enhance the intensity of their color.

Rare & Exotic

Fancy Colored Diamonds are rarest in the world. Ten thousand carats of white diamonds has to be mined for every one carat of colored diamond. Less than one percent of the production of colored diamonds is investment grade.

Naturally colored fancy diamonds are outstandingly beautiful, exotic, and present in all the shades of rainbow colors as well as blacks and browns. All of them are rare, but the rarest ones of the colored diamonds are pink, red, blue, green, and orange. Every colored diamond is unique in its own way. By investing in a colored diamond, you hold the possession of a unique and exquisite jewel.


Difficult to Procure

It is getting difficult to procure colored diamonds. The mines are being shut down as the amount of rough diamonds found is becoming less and less. It is predicted that till 2018, Argyle Mine in Australia, which is the key producer of pink diamonds will shut down.

Moreover, the demand for the rare and exotic colored diamonds is increasing over the entire world. Previously, North America and Europe was considered to be the main market for exquisite colored diamonds but now investors are also coming from new areas such as India, China, Latin America, and Russia. Since the currency has become more volatile and less dependable in these areas, they are making investments in hard assets to preserve their wealth.

Highly Durable

Fancy colored diamonds are very long lasting. Since diamond is the hardest substance on earth, it is unaffected by temperature, humidity, or shock. You can store this asset anywhere and transport it without any potential damage.

It is the most compact form of concentrating wealth in the entire world. You can keep a million dollars worth of diamonds inside your pocket and they would weigh less than even one gram. Compare it to one million dollars of gold that would almost weigh forty pounds.

You can easily store and transport your fancy colored diamonds, keep them in a safety deposit box, or set them into jewelry and enjoy showing them off anywhere in the world. You can even sell your colored diamonds anywhere on the planet in any currency.

No more Cartel Control

Now diamonds are not subject to cartel control anymore. They are your very private assets that are not required to be registered with any cartel. You do not have to make any disclosure or registration for your fancy colored diamonds in most of the countries of the world.

You do not need to record what you are keeping in your safety deposit box. There is no need to report to any government about any transaction you make for diamonds. This means the ownership of your diamonds will remain private.

The new US anti-terrorist act only requires the broker or dealer to maintain a record of the amount and type of payment for gemstone transactions. The contact information of clients in considered proprietary in business and cannot be released to any government agency.

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