Jade does not come on the category of traditional birthstones; however, it is the natural birthstone of people born in spring and the zodiac birthstone of the ones born under the sign of Taurus.


Jade is associated with two different metamorphic minerals: Jadeite and Nephrite. The former is composed of sodium aluminum silicate whereas the latter is made up of calcium magnesium silicate.

Despite having identical appearance, both minerals are different in structure, composition, density and other properties. Before 1863, both these minerals were considered same, and now despite their characteristic differences they are both considered jade to avoid confusion.

Jade occurs in large blocks mainly in Asia and especially in Myanmar and China. In addition to that, South America and Russia are also famous for the production of Jade generic viagra canada.

Various Types of Jades and Their Properties

Depending on the composition methods, jade is found in versatile colors. However, green jade is the most well known and common of them all.

Green Jade

The green color in this stone is the result of presence of chromium. The larger amount of this mineral yields greener color whereas the smaller amounts results in white-gray green or olive green color. Green jade is considered as the travel stone and the crystal of love.

Lone travelers are advised to carry this stone for protection against unforeseen calamities. People travelling with pets or children should also carry it in their pockets or luggage. As a crystal of love, this stone is believed to strengthen relationships by increasing trust and conformity between the partners especially in new relationships.

This stone is helpful in stabilizing the heart chakra, which corresponds to the emotional and physical happiness. This chakra governs our connection with the external world and enables us to accept the reality with open heart. The energy generated from green jade removes the hindrances in achieving happiness and promotes emotional clarity. Green color is also associated with productivity and development. It is believed that the stone’s wearer will achieve success in spiritual and professional aspects of life.

Green jade is associated with the Chalchiuhtlicue, which means the ‘lady of precious green.’ She is the protector of children and the Aztec Water goddess. She is considered the mother of all natural water bodies.

Black Jade

Black color of the stone occurs due to the presence of iron oxide or graphite. It is an extremely rare stone with hard and shiny texture. This gemstone is considered the stone of protection and yields strong elemental energy that safeguards the body against negative forces and emotions.

If you are having troubles in fighting against negative emotions then wear this stone, it will not only counteract them but will help you with self-evaluation. It will enable you to distinguish your strength and weaknesses, and resolve them.

This stone is helpful in activating the base or root chakra, which regulates the spiritual energy of a person. An unbalanced root chakra can result in low enthusiasm, exhaustion, and disinterest in life.  This stone can help you in regaining stamina and inner strength, directing you towards the positive aspects of life.

In Feng Shui, black jade is associated with water energy that entraps strength, stillness and purity. If you keep its crystals in the North area of any room, the room will resonate with serenity and peace enabling you to achieve reflect on your problems.

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